Convalescent Care

Recover at home with our convalescent care services

Our convalescent care enables hospital outpatients to recover comfortably at home following serious illness or injury.

Concentrate on your recovery

We understand that illness and injury can put an incredible strain on the body and that the quality of care received during the recovery process is extremely important to your long-term health.  By providing high quality convalescent care we can reduce the risk of complications and enable you to concentrate on your recovery.

Our convalescent care includes assistance with a number of tasks, from simple domestic chores such as cleaning or cooking to more personal care in the form of washing and dressing.  Thus making the transition from hospital to home much easier.

Put your mind at rest before you leave hospital

Following a spell in hospital we find most people are anxious to return home as soon as possible, but may be concerned about how they’ll cope without the support of hospital staff. By enabling you to plan your care requirements prior to leaving hospital, we can provide the peace of mind that your recovery at home will be comfortable and that you’ll receive the extra support you need.  Our services are also flexible so if you find you need more or less help than expected, we can adjust our care plan accordingly.

Find out how we can help you with convalescent care today…

If you would like to discuss about how we can help you, please contact by calling us on 0208 553 2000 or filling out our enquiry form to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.

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