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Rhythmic Care senior care team take great pride in the home care service they deliver

Our senior home care teams are highly trained, qualified care professionals with lots of care experience. Each have a genuine passion for working in care and for making a real difference in the lives of our customers. Care mangers, care coordinators, and care supervisors have the day to day responsibilities of ensuring that our dedicated team of home care workers are managed and mentored well, always working towards the agreed person centred care plan and in line with regulatory requirements. You will meet and talk with the senior care team, the following is an introduction to their roles and how they will support you and your loved ones whilst receiving the Rhythmic Care service.

Care Manager

The care manager is dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of Rhythmic Care services. They will make sure that the whole team is working to regulatory requirements and that all training and personal development of our staff is up to date. The care manager will have several years of experience in care and are highly qualified in social care.

Care Coordinator

The care coordinator is responsible in mentoring and training care supervisors and care workers. You will meet the care coordinator when they provide a care assessment. Their role is also to review each care plan, ensuring that the care service we provide is always meeting the changing needs of our customer. Care coordinators are qualified in health and social care to a high level, including their care assessment qualifications. They are available to answer any questions that you may have about home care whether you are receiving the Rhythmic Care service or considering it.

Care Supervisor

The care supervisor is usually seen out and about with our care workers. They have the responsibility to ensure that care workers arrive at the correct time and are able to complete their home visits efficiently. They will also ensure that if there are any changes to the care workers due to sickness or holiday that clients are informed straight away. Care supervisors also ensure that the care workers who visit each customer are qualified to work to the agreed care plan and that they match any specific needs requested by the customer. The care supervisor will also attend the first care visit to introduce the care workers to you.

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